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Funding is available to organizations in Indiana to carry out Community Projects

2002 Grant Recipients

ADA Indiana's 2002 Grants were awarded to the following organizations:

Opening the Door: Interviewing People with Disabilities - Bona Vista, Inc.

Bona Vista conducted a training seminar for employers in Howard and Miami counties. The seminar was entitled “Opening the Door…Interviewing People with Disabilities,” and focused on increasing knowledge of interviewing etiquette and legalities in the ADA.

Location: Multiple Counties

Mayor’s Summit on Inclusion and Accessibility - City of Indianapolis, Mayor’s Office of Disability Affairs

The Mayor’s Office of Disability Affairs held a summit in Indianapolis for persons with disabilities. The summit was geared to allow persons with disabilities to voice their greatest concerns and discuss ways to address them. It also connected them with employers and service providers to create partnerships for promoting inclusion and understanding.

Location: Indianapolis

Building Accessible Campaigns - Indiana Family and Social Services Administration

The Project was designed to increase the political participation of Hoosiers with disabilities by ensuring that political campaigns are accessible to them and encouraging their participation. The seminar was tailored for candidates, current office holders, and party officials, and examined how the officials could use the ADA to involve people with disabilities in their campaigns. The event was presented in three sections: accessible web sites, accessible materials, and encouraging participation. Topics on the agenda included, Getting People Involved in the Political Process/”Count Me IN,” Ensuring Campaign Websites Are Accessible, Accessible Materials and Locations.

Location: Statewide

Gas Station Awareness - Janus Developmental Services, Inc.

Janus developed a public relations program to purchase signs for gas stations in Hamilton County so they could provide equal access to their customers with disabilities. Signs were placed in the window area of gas stations; there were also labels for individual pumps. Representatives from the Community Accessibility Committee planned to visit gas stations, give information on the ADA, and offer materials to inform their patrons.

Location: Hamilton County

Implementing the ADA for Supervisors - Purdue University Affirmative Action Office

The Affirmative Action Office Project developed a training program for up to 40 supervisors in the Greater Lafayette business community. The focus of the training was Title 1 and its implications for supervisors. The training was designed to inform them about their responsibilities as supervisors to recognize, evaluate, and implement requests for reasonable accommodations for their employees. The project also provided supervisors with references pertaining to the ADA from which they would draw on in the workplace. The training included discussions on terminology, responsibilities, and recent Supreme Court decisions. Project materials included a handout of the PowerPoint presentation, the ADA Quiz Book, ADA-Indiana pens, Affirmative Action Office mints, and a schedule of the 2002 Distance Learning Teleconference Series.

Location: West Lafayette

Access Kokomo accessibility guide - Kokomo Mayor’s Office Advisory Council for Disability Issues

The Mayor's Advisory Council sought funds to purchase materials and to print a new accessibility guide. They wanted to reformat the existing accessibility guide from a bound book to a loose-leaf notebook, allowing them to make future changes without reprinting the entire book.


Learning Disabilities and ADA: What Employers and Community Groups Need to Know - Dyslexia Institute of Indiana, Inc.

The Dyslexia Institute mailed information packets (including a brochure) to businesses and community groups. Using existing materials, the purpose of the packets was to increase awareness of learning disabilities and the rights and responsibilities of employers and community groups. As a follow up, the Institute wanted to conduct 30 informational sessions with local businesses and community groups in order to determine if the groups were interested in receiving additional information or training from the Institute. The Dyslexia Institute also requested funding to purchase employment-specific books that would be available for public use through their resource library.

Location: Statewide

Free ADA Help

If you have a question about your rights or obligations under the Americans with Disabilities Act, call the Great Lakes ADA Center:
(800) 949-4232.

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