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October Training Opportunities on the Americans with Disabilities Act and other related events

October ADA Webinars and other Online Events

If you miss a session, many of the webinars are archived. If the archive is not apparent on the website, feel free to contact ADA-Indiana so we can help.

October 4, 1:00 - 1:30 p.m. ET ADA Radio Show: The Process of Customized Employment

ADA Live! (WADA) is a free monthly show broadcast nationally on the Internet hosted by the Southeast ADA Center.

From ADA Live:
October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM). This month’s episode of ADA Live! will talk about Customized Employment, a flexible process that personalizes the employment relationship by hiring a job seeker with a disability to meet the specific needs of an employer in a way that benefits both the employer and job seeker, regardless of pre-existing job descriptions.

This episode will discuss the process of Customized Employment, including the job search, negotiations, and how this benefits businesses. We will also highlight resources that are available to help employers best implement Customized Employment.

Free and no registration is required, just "tune in" on the day and time of broadcast. To Listen:

October 5, 2:30 - 4:00 p.m. ET Free Webinar: Accessible Hospitals and Medical Care Facilities – A Refresher

This is a free webinar offered through a collaboration of the U.S. Access Board and the ADA National Network.

From the Great Lakes ADA Center:
This session will provide a refresher on the requirements in the ADA and ABA Accessibility standard for Hospitals and Long-Term Care facilities. The presenters will provide an in-depth review of the standards and design challenges in long-term care settings, including highlights from recent research. Additionally, strategies for success in the field that both comply with the standard and meet the needs of older adults and their caregivers will be discussed. This is a joint session presented by the Access Board and the AIA Codes and Standards Committee. Session participants are encouraged to submit questions in advance.

Free but registration is required. To Register:

October 12, 2:30 - 4:00 p.m. ET Free Webinar: Functional Assessment Service Teams (FAST) and disaster recovery - Examples from 3 States

This is a free webinar offered through the Emergency Management and Preparedness - Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities Webinar Series, hosted by the Pacific ADA Center.

Abridged Excerpt from the Pacific ADA Center:
When people are displaced from their homes during a disaster and find it necessary to stay in a community shelter, it is essential that community officials, responders, and shelter managers are prepared to provide service and reasonable accommodations to all shelter residents, including those with access and functional needs. A Functional Assessment Service Team (FAST) can help people get what they need to safely stay in a community shelter and to assist them to return home as soon as possible.

The webinar will help you learn more about FAST as one possible resource in whole community planning and response. The webinar will provide background as to what is FAST, why it might work in your community or state; and the future of FAST across the nation. California, Washington and Wisconsin will their share their experiences from their FAST journey.

Free webinar but registration is required. To Register:

October 17, 2:00 - 3:30 p.m. ET ADA Audio Conference: Parsley or Cilantro? Making Sure Your ADA Self Evaluation and Transition Plan are Seasoned with the Right Ingredients

The ADA Audio Conference is coordinated by the Great Lakes ADA Center on behalf of the ADA National Network.

From the Great Lakes ADA Center:
What does an ADA Self-Evaluation have to do with parsley and cilantro? Have you ever taken a bite expecting parsley, only to be surprised by cilantro? Truth be told, may ADA elf-evaluations and transition plans are made up of surprisingly wrong ingredients. In this session, we will discuss the essential ingredients for these ADA compliance documents, practical approaches to gather data, common errors, and critical information that should be known in the organization and available to the public.

In addition, we will discuss why EVERY organization should have a dynamic working action plan. Finally, we will discuss how ADA/504 coordinators can be supported by the development of an accessibility management team. This session is designed to give practical guidance on ADA self-evaluations and transition plans, whether you are trying to put together compliance documents for the first time, wondering if your current documents cover all the bases, or thinking it might be time to revisit those 25-year-old binders that are now collecting dust on the shelf.

Free but registration is required. To register:

Free ADA Help

If you have a question about your rights or obligations under the Americans with Disabilities Act, call the Great Lakes ADA Center:
(800) 949-4232.

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