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Funding is available to organizations in Indiana to carry out Community Projects

2016 Coros ADA Grant Recipients

ADA-Indiana, with generous support from the Indiana Governor's Council for People with Disabilities, was pleased to support FOUR organizations through the 2016 Coros ADA Community Grants program. The purpose of the program is to promote increased implementation of the Americans with Disabilities Act in Indiana. The funded organizations included:

The ADA and Access to the Arts

accessABILITY, Center for Independent Living, Inc. was funded to host a workshop for Indianapolis area arts organizations. During the course of their project, they collaborated with the Arts Council of Indianapolis to provide the space for the event and to promote the workshop to their contacts. accessABILITY attempted to secure a national speaker on the topic (ADA-Indiana provided suggestions) but were unable to locate one meeting their timetable and budget.

They instead utilized the Executive Director of ArtMix Indiana (form VSA Indiana) who had presented on the topics to be covered in the workshop on a national level. In addition to the speaker, the event also featured two additional presenters who discussed how what they are doing within their own organization to provide better access for people with disabilities. The event was able to provide training for 25 arts and culture professionals with the added bonus that the workshop was recorded and captioned so as to be available on the accessABILITY CIL website as a resource.

  • Geographic Location: Indianapolis and Marion County
  • ADA Priority Area(s): Culture and Recreation; ADA Title 3

ADA Assistance to Local Restaurants

The City of Bloomington’s Council for Community Accessibility (CCA) was funded to offer an ADA training workshop for local restaurateurs in the Bloomington area. The focus of the workshop was designed to address some issues that consistently arise when the CCA’s Accessibility Committee surveys restaurants for its AccessAbility Decal program, including accessible restrooms and parking. CCA sought to involve the leadership of the local restaurant association in their planning efforts as the member restaurateurs would be the primary audience.

Initially, CCA sought to invite a speaker from the ADA National Networks’ Hospitality Initiative but the timing did not work out. Instead, CCA contract with Skulski Consulting to provide the training. As the consultant was located in Indiana, CCA decided to expand the scope of their workshop to be not only a training for restaurant owners but also a training session for volunteers who serve on CCA’s accessibility committee. also with the local restaurant association. Unfortunately, the initial attempt to foster a collaboration with the local restaurant association did not produce the expected results – their active participation in promoting the training to their members. There was a low number of attendees from the target audience of local restaurant owners. The workshop was recorded and captioned and is available on CCA’s website. CCA sent a request to the local restaurant association to distribute the link and resources to their membership.

  • Geographic Location: Bloomington and Monroe County
  • ADA Priority Area(s): Hospitality; Recreation; ADA Title 3

Access for All, Gary’s Miller Community

Miller Spotlight is a community building initiative/coalition that is focusing on the “Miller” neighborhood in Gary. Miller Spotlight was funded to provide several workshops around accessibility including topics around physical accessibility, website accessibility, and general disability awareness. The target audiences included municipal planning groups, business entities, and the general public. Many of the workshop were video recorded and captioned to use as resources for future training and awareness activities. A few of the trainings feature staff from the Great Lakes ADA Center.

  • Geographic Location: Gary and Lake County
  • ADA Priority Area(s): Recreation; ADA Title 2 & 3

ADA Workshops and Employer Outreach

Despite receiving funding last year, the steering committee elected to fund the Hamilton Center (Community Mental Health Center) to provide training and workshops to promote the employment of people with disabilities, in collaboration with the Wabash Valley Business Leadership Network, the Wabash Independent Living and Learning Center, and the Indiana State University. In March, the partners hosted an all-day training featuring Deb Dagit and Marcy Hintzman, ADA-Indiana Chair. (The event was offered as a statewide event and supported and funded by multiple organizations.)

The second activity involved education and training for local businesses in conjunction with volunteer accessibility surveys conducted by university students. The project coordinator reported that there were a few challenges and obstacles that lead to the cancellation of the workshop due to a lack of interest from business community. A third event, “ADA: Life not Law,” featured two speakers who provided the participants with how the ADA has impacted the course of their lives, from community, to educational opportunities, and with work. A final activity for the grant included an outreach mailing to employers in September to highlight resources (focusing on Job Accommodations Network) and National Disability Employment Awareness month. There was also an invitation to local employers and businesses to participate at various levels in the Wabash Valley Business Leadership Network.

  • Geographic Location: Vigo, Clay, Greene, Knox, Parke, Sullivan, and Vermillion Counties
  • ADA Priority Area(s): Work; ADA Title I


If you have any questions about ADA-Indiana's Coros ADA Community Grants program, please contact Matt Norris, Project Staff, at 812-855-6508 or e-mail

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